A natural herbal compound, with
Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) essence
as its core component, researched and
manufactured based on the composing
principles of herbal prescriptions:
"sovereign, minister, assistant, and
courier". It integrates advantages of
traditional Chinese medicine and Western
medicine, and is extracted by high-tech
activation extractiontechnology.

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New Zealand
Health Products

New Zealand is well-known for
its pure and pollution-free
environments,so its featuredhealth
care products are very popular.
This series covers health needs for
all people regardless of age and
sex, provides daily healthcare for
the whole body, and protects health

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Skincare Products

The structure of Lanolin is very
close to human skin fat; hence it is
easily absorbed by the human body.
New Zealand's high-qualitysheep oil
can maintain and fully moisturize skin
to restore resilience, and keep it
ever youthful.

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Mānuka Honey

The internationally renowned New
Zealand's MānukaHoney is a health
food of medicinal level. The
antibacterial action is much stronger
and more stable than that of ordinary
honey. It is reputed as the natural
product to "nourishing stomach" and
its super strong antioxidant is a
natural beauty ingredient.